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  • How to make basics glamorous

    How to make basics glamorous

    Feb 24 | Life & Style | by Krystin Carelli | @Krystin_Carelli | 275 Views | with 2 Comments

    Who said basics can’t be glamorous? It’s all in what you do with them. I have three words that will make your basics beautiful – accessories, accessories, accessories! It’s something as simple as a great pair of pumps or an...

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  • 28th Annual Vaughan Winterfest Celebration

    28th Annual Vaughan Winterfest

    Feb 23 | Life & Style | | 110 Views | with No Comments

    The City of Vaughan celebrated its 28th annual Vaughan Winterfest event presented by TD and event sponsors CN and Tim Hortons on February 12, 2017 at Vellore Village Community Centre. Free family fun entertainment and activities included...

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  • fredi Gift Guide: Valentine's Day

    fredi Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day

    Feb 3 | Life & Style | by Kelly Tabangi | 284 Views | with No Comments

    The most romantic holiday of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s also time to spoil our loved ones! At the end of the day, it’s the thought and care that matters – but gifts are great too! Here are some ideas for the...

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  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dec 5 | Life & Style | by Tristan Bronca

    A presidential legacy is a complicated thing, like an equation where his character, decisions, policies, promises, failures, successes, and anything of any consequence on a national or international scale are variables. Right now, people...

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  • Spring Fling Fashion

    Spring Fling

    May 25 | Life & Style | by Meghan Filicetti | 1170 Views | with No Comments

    In an effort to avoid hearing Miranda Priestley’s famed ‘Forals for Spring, Groundbreaking.‘ eloquently spoken line from the Devil Wears Prada playing on repeat in my head, here are some great finds that will offer just a...

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  • Giving the Gift of Knowledge

    May 25 | Life & Style | by Rocco Dipasquale | 323 Views | with No Comments

    Recently I met with a young couple that just had their first child. This recent addition to their family brought them a whole new list of priorities when they looked at their financial goals. I spent some time with them and explained the...

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  • Quito Equador

    Welcome to Quito Ecuador

    May 25 | Life & Style | by Francesa Spizzirri | 932 Views | with No Comments

    Sweeping across the Andean valley and bordered by mountainous volcanic peaks on latitude 0, the city of eternal spring has gone through a rebirth as  one of the world’s must-see destinations  thanks to its treasure-trove of...

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  • Veriation Disco Gala

    Staying Alive Disco Gala

    May 25 | Life & Style | by Kelly Tabangi | 320 Views | with No Comments

    “Disco is music for dancing, and people will always want to dance.” – Giorgio Moroder This statement may just be the push- ing force behind the great success of the Veriation Staying Alive Disco Gala. It all started 10...

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  • Cartier Watch


    May 25 | Life & Style | by Stefanie Der Haroutiunian | 447 Views | with No Comments

    A Retrospective for the Future Like all pieces of the fashion pie, trends in jewellery are very much set by the powerful people who choose to wear them. In jewellery, when it comes to brand cache, one name stands above them all –...

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  • Sexy Summer Vibes

    #Sexy Summer Vibes

    May 25 | Life & Style | by Teresa Liang & Linda Dang | 448 Views | with No Comments

    This summer, Grafic will get you ready for Sunday brunch, evening drinks, or sandy vacations with the right dress. Play on different silhouettes for different looks – a fit-and-flare mini is playful and outgoing, while a sheath style is...

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