Fall Fashion Trends


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Women’s Trends

With the cooler winds approaching, Grafic’s advice to you is #LayerUp . Your outerwear is what is really going to make the statement this season. By incorporating bold print and colour in your look, all eyes will be on you. Follow these key styling tips for a brighter spin on gloomier months.

Fall Fashion Trends for Women

“It’s all about mixing textures.”
- Laura A., stylist

Men’s Trends

Moto detailing and casual wear go a long way this season. Stay on trend by roughing up your clean look with raw denim and distressed boots. Don’t forget to #LayerUp your knits, henley’s and vests to complete that sport luxe style.

Fall Fashion Trends for Men

“Sport men’s trends luxe is my go-to trend of the season.”
– Kish R., stylist

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