Sexy Summer Vibes

#Sexy Summer Vibes

on May 2016 | in Life & Style | by Teresa Liang & Linda Dang | with No Comments

This summer, Grafic will get you ready for Sunday brunch, evening drinks, or sandy vacations with the right dress. Play on different silhouettes for different looks – a fit-and-flare mini is playful and outgoing, while a sheath style is more elegant and sophisticated. Prints continue to be the crown trend, but the devil is the details, so a small cut out or asymmetrical hem can make all the difference.

1. The Show Stopping Bodycon Elizabeth and James Amina Dress

2. The Flirty A-Line Alice and Olivia Tevin Dress

3. The Effortless Maxi Parker Verona Dress

The compromise between warmer temperatures and dapper button-up shirts is always a hard one to make in the summer season. At Grafic, we strike a balance with the right cut, light material, and a hot trend. Forget the crisp poplin long sleeves and look to linen and chambray short sleeves (or roll the cuffs!) Of course, prints are always a daring and fashionable hit.

1. The Modern Print Sand Iver Super Slim Shirt

2. The Breezy Short Sleeve Outclass Red Chambray SS Shirt

3. The Cool and Casual Chambray The Kooples Used Effect Denim Shirt

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