Spring Fashion Update

Fashion tips from Grafic's style team

on March 2015 | in Fashion & Beauty | by Teresa Liang | with No Comments

New stylist at Grafic Women, Roenna Tara brings a fresh perspective to dressing on point. Working with various clienteles in store, her impeccable taste translates through her skill of building complete looks rather than glorifying pieces. For Spring, Roenna advises bypassing subtleties – reveal yourself through crop tops and cut outs, dramatize with perennial floral, and burst in head-to-toe hues.

Grafic’s resident men’s stylist and blogger Kish, has a unique sense to fashion that creates character. On his recent trip to Pitti Uomo he showcased daring combinations using sensible pieces. This spring season, Kish suggests bold plays for a fresh change – go sockless with your wingtip brogues, have checks whenever possible, and opt for a bright blazer for instant impact.

Grafic is located at 3883 Rutherford Rd. Vaughan, L4L 9R8
1.855.4.GRAFIC | Visit us at grafic.com

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