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Add Sizzle to Your Kitchen

on June 2015 | in Lifestyle | by Catherine-Lucie Horber | with No Comments

Like the old saying goes: It’s not because something is banged up a little that it should be thrown away! Same goes with your very own kitchen. Being the heart of the home, it is a very high traffic area that takes a lot of daily abuse and usage. It is also an area that is easy to get tired of the fastest if it is start- ing to lose its edge or is getting dated a little as you see it up to three times a day!

As a designer I am often designing and freshening up kitchen spaces. If budget does not allow for a full gut or major renovations, a simple efficient refresh will do just the trick. Here are many different ways you can add some sizzle and fire in your own kitchen by using these key design tips.

  1. Paint – If I haven’t said this a hundred times, I haven’t said it at all! But paint is always going to be your number one best friend in affordable transformations. You can paint your walls, ceilings, trims, even your cupboards if need be. It will go a very long way!
  2. Accessories – The power of accessories is often underestimated. People think it means clutter or extra use of money. But really it is what usually helps tie a design scheme together. In affordable design solutions it can also be your best bet at adding interest and will divert attention and give your kitchen a new feel. There are so many different department stores now with great accessories at very low affordable pricing. Have fun purchasing vases in your design accent co- lour, use it as a spatula holder, tea towels, flowers, trays, table mats, settings, chargers, artwork, decanters, the possibilities are endless!
  3. Lighting – Lighting is also a great, easy and relatively in- expensive way to help transform the age of your kitchen. I often walk into my clients home and see gold light fixtures. These automatically age the home to the 80s or 90s. Chang- ing your lighting to something more modern with chromes, satins, silvers or crystals will make your kitchen current in no time. One great location full of selections is Royal Lighting.
  4. Layout – Space planning is one of the most important elements when designing a room. It is what truly makes the difference between a cluttered smaller space and an open bright and airy one. In a kitchen there is usually less furniture to play with but even then, carefully look at the different options you may have. Move your table from a vertical or horizontal position, or push it against a window and put a banquette seating against the wall to allow for more space around. Every little bit counts.

Try using these great design tips in your kitchen and explore the many creative opportunities to give your space a fresh new start. If you are not sure you can do a update on your own, then you can call our office and we would be pleased to help you refresh to allow you to enjoy cooking in your kitchen again!

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