Fall BBQ Tips

BBQ Tips

Chef Rob Gentile | @chefrobgentile

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  1. Get a designated kitchen towel you use only for the barbecue. Before grilling, put a very small amount of canola or vegetable oil on the dry kitchen towel and brush the grill so it gets nice and oiled. Do this quickly and safely. This is a good way to make sure you get a nice, clean sear without any sticking.
  2. Invest in a good set of barbecue tools: tongs, wire brush, and spatula are all a must.
  3. Before you put any food on the grill, it needs to be clean. Make sure you give your barbecue enough time to burn everything off from previous use.
  4. Cold meat doesn’t cook evenly, so it’s important to bring the meat up to room temperature before grilling.
    Give your barbecue enough time to heat up to its maximum potential. There are a lot of misconceptions that you shouldn’t be barbecuing at high heat, but in order to get a good sear, your barbecue should be piping hot.
  6. Use the second level grid, it’s there for a reason and allows the meat to rest after it has been seared. If you keep the meat on the grill for too long you risk burning it. I always rest meat on the grid for at least half of the cooking time to keep it tender.
  7. Barbecues are not only for grilling, at lower temperatures don’t be afraid to experiment with cooking a roast or a whole bird.
  8. When it comes to marinating, you can take the time to plan ahead and do it the day before. It doesn’t do any harm to marinate for 24 hours, it will only add to the overall flavour.
  9. Keep a spray bottle of water handy. It’s a great tool to control any unwanted flame flare ups that can cause an unpleasant burnt taste.
  10. Make Your Own Burger!
    Try to avoid processed store-bought patties. The best burgers are homemade using the best and freshest ground meat. Better yet, grind the meat yourself!
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