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Since 1965, Best Way Stone® has made being a family owned and operated company a central tenet in how they do business. This family approach to service has been the foundation for building loyal and lasting relationships with customers, allowing the company to really thrive within the community, and ultimately has been the backbone for growth.

With their 50th anniversary will come a renewed sense of innovation and living up to a standard of excellence. Since its inception, this Vaughan based company has consistently created products that push the limits of design, while being functionally and environmentally sound. The idea has always been to help homeowners beautify their outdoors with superior quality products.

From humble beginnings of making hand-made patio slabs to becoming a supplier of a wide range of landscaping products across the GTA and beyond, Best Way Stone® has grown into an organization with two state of the art manufacturing facilities in the GTA. In recent years this increased manufacturing capacity allowed Best Way Stone® to develop industry-leading products, including a patented locking wall system that brought groundbreaking features to the landscape industry. These additions also allowed Best Way Stone® to revitalize precast concrete paving slabs with methods previously unheard of.

With a deep history of innovation, quality and locally sensitive business practices, Best Way Stone® will continue to expand both their locations and services. As a company who values environmentally friendly products, they are committed to green building and creating sustainable projects that will aid in the future development of prospering communities. Best Way Stone® incorporated Permeable Pavers and Solar Reflective Rooftop Slab systems into their product lines as a conscious choice to help provide environmentally friendly surface solutions. Regardless, every Best Way Stone® paving stone comes with a transferable lifetime guarantee to the homeowner.

With an office and manufacturing staff combined boasting hundreds of years of industry experience, and a deep friendly culture providing continuous education and support, Best Way Stone® is still deeply rooted and proud to be serving Vaughan and the surrounding areas while staying committed to continuously enhancing their tools and capabilities, providing the greatest quality and most innovative products.

Their family approach to business and clients allow them to understand the needs of the market place and continue to bring great customer service from their family to yours.

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