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  • Fragments


    Jun 20 | Health & Fitness | by Alan Serrecchia

    Father falls and son grabs a knee, closer to the ground they both be. The soil once tilled, at once, still for me. This is no tragedy he insists, believe me, you’ll see, a more peaceful passing there cannot be...

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  • Full Body Outdoor Workout

    Full Body Outdoor Workout

    Jun 20 | Health & Fitness | by Abi Roman

    It’s almost summer, which means, beach season! If you want to work on your metabolic conditioning to bring your best physique this summer, then this outdoor workout is a must try! This work- out is short, intense and a great way to...

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  • Beach Body Slim Down

    Beach Body Slim Down

    Dec 5 | Health & Fitness | by Robina Abramson-Walling + Ian Walling

    How It Works Complete each exercise for 15-20 reps. After you complete each exercise, do 30 seconds of high intensity cardio of your choice (spinning, battle ropes or treadmill) followed by 1-minute rest. 1 / Weighted Ball Slams Hold a...

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  • Mental Health in Canada

    No Man is an Island

    May 25 | Health & Fitness | by Alan Serrecchia | 956 Views | with No Comments

    Every so often in life we are confronted with difficult questions. Struggling to come up with clear answers, we often convince ourselves to stop asking the questions. When it comes to mental health and addiction, difficult questions seem...

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  • Exercise at Park

    Parks N’ Reps

    May 25 | Health & Fitness | by Stephanie Contardi | 1636 Views | with No Comments

    As the warm weather arrives, so does our desire to be outdoors. We try to make the most of our longer days and warm summer evenings by spending as little as possible indoors and maximizing our time outdoors. For some, this also means...

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  • Strong Mind Healthy Body

    Strong Mind Healthy Body

    May 25 | Health & Fitness | by Filomena Rosati | 692 Views | with No Comments

    “The easiest ways in working towards feeling better is through the foods you eat.” – DR.MIKE While chronic illnesses increase to an all time high the pendulum is also swinging towards an improved quality of life. The more...

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  • Good-Bye Thunder Thighs

    Good-Bye Thunder Thighs

    May 25 | Health & Fitness | by Robina Abramson | 1013 Views | with 1 Comment

    One area that many of our clients are concerned with is their outer thighs. People tend to gain outer thigh weight due to hormonal changes, sedentary lifestyles, or just plain ol’ genetics; regardless of the culprit, we all want it...

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  • Kale Super Food

    Going Green

    May 25 | Health & Fitness | by Rosanna Bonura | 574 Views | with No Comments

    More than ever, people are looking to make healthier choices as part of their eating regime and many of those options are right in the produce section of your local grocery store. Incorporating vitamin-rich foods has endless benefits. One...

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  • A Life Well Lived

    A Life Well Lived

    May 25 | Health & Fitness | by Filomena Rosati | 849 Views | with No Comments

    As a devoted father of 10 children, 35 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, Mr. Gagliano led a life dedicated to work and family. As our printer of record since the inception of Whatever Publishing in 2005, we entrusted our magazine...

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