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  • Top 10 Insta-Worth Restaurants

    Top 10 Insta-Worth Restaurants

    Jun 20 | Life & Style | by Kelly Tabangi

    There are many factors to take into account when visiting a new restaurant worthy of any Instagram feed – a list that traditionally begins and ends with food. But now, aspects like presentation, d&eactue;cor and lighting are equally as...

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  • Doris Pontieri

    Doris Pontieri

    Jun 20 | Life & Style | by Filomena Rosati

    Art is a universal visual language of the heart and soul. Through art we have learned much about history, people and cultures of times passed. Today, artists all over the world are trying to leave their mark through a variety of mediums...

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  • Spotlight Fake News

    Fake News

    Jun 9 | Life & Style | by Tristan Bronca

    ‘Fake News’ may be as old as the printing press, but president Donald Trump reminded us that facts could never be separated from our politics...

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  • Beach Vibes - Swimsuit Fashion Guide

    Beach Vibes

    Jun 1 | Life & Style | by Krystin Carelli | @Krystin_Carelli | 734 Views | with 1 Comment

    With summer fast approaching you want to be beach and poolside ready! And what better way to do that than to the have the hottest bathing suits trends 2017 has to offer. Don’t feel like your beach body is ready? That’s okay one pieces,...

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  • Hottest Shoe Trends 2017

    Hottest Shoe Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

    Apr 6 | Life & Style | by Krystin Carelli | @Krystin_Carelli | 1085 Views | with No Comments

    As the iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin once said ‘A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman.’ As a stylist I believe strongly that shoes can make or break an outfit. I’ve said it before and I’ll...

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  • How to make basics glamorous

    How to make basics glamorous

    Feb 24 | Life & Style | by Krystin Carelli | @Krystin_Carelli | 10881 Views | with 2 Comments

    Who said basics can’t be glamorous? It’s all in what you do with them. I have three words that will make your basics beautiful – accessories, accessories, accessories! It’s something as simple as a great pair of pumps or an...

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  • 28th Annual Vaughan Winterfest Celebration

    28th Annual Vaughan Winterfest

    Feb 23 | Life & Style | | 455 Views | with No Comments

    The City of Vaughan celebrated its 28th annual Vaughan Winterfest event presented by TD and event sponsors CN and Tim Hortons on February 12, 2017 at Vellore Village Community Centre. Free family fun entertainment and activities included...

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  • fredi Gift Guide: Valentine's Day

    fredi Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day

    Feb 3 | Life & Style | by Kelly Tabangi | 586 Views | with No Comments

    The most romantic holiday of the year is just around the corner, which means it’s also time to spoil our loved ones! At the end of the day, it’s the thought and care that matters – but gifts are great too! Here are some ideas for the...

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  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dec 5 | Life & Style | by Tristan Bronca

    A presidential legacy is a complicated thing, like an equation where his character, decisions, policies, promises, failures, successes, and anything of any consequence on a national or international scale are variables. Right now, people...

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  • Spring Fling Fashion

    Spring Fling

    May 25 | Life & Style | by Meghan Filicetti | 1471 Views | with No Comments

    In an effort to avoid hearing Miranda Priestley’s famed ‘Forals for Spring, Groundbreaking.‘ eloquently spoken line from the Devil Wears Prada playing on repeat in my head, here are some great finds that will offer just a...

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