Customize Your Home

Customize Your Home

on May 2016 | in House & Home | by Linda Mazur | with No Comments

We often dream of living in a well-appointed or custom-built home. However, with the huge growth of suburban life and the ‘cookie-cutter‘ home, many of us find ourselves living in a great new house but feel it is lacking in character. We are unsure as to how to go about setting our house apart from all the others on the street.

As a designer, I believe your house should not only be functional, but should be a reflection of your personality. So, the question is, how do you go about customizing your home to reflect your personality and the way you live.

This year we have many amazing fabrics available from sources like Robert Allen that o er us a diverse range of colours, lushness and incredible patterns. They are inspirational, and can be one of the best places to start when designing a room. Fabrics can and will enhance the design aesthetics of your home, so let your creativity take over and have some fun! Whether its toiles, stripes, florals, ikats or jacquards, there are so many different patterns, scales and colours that can be mixed together beautifully to complement your room. Add that ‘designer touch’ to your custom furniture and window coverings; just remember to keep a common element throughout and watch your home come alive.

While mentioning colours and patterns, you should not forget about your walls. Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the world of design and is a wonderful way of injecting personality into your space. It has the ability of delivering a ‘wow’ factor that simply goes beyond that of paint; a few rolls can transform and define a space in such dynamic and luxurious ways. Not only are you able to select from the abundant number of wallpaper books out there, you can also look to a company like JF Fabrics who now have a remarkable line of wallpapers available to your designer; a great way to tailor your rooms.

There are many other possibilities outside of wallpaper available to create that custom look for your walls. From salvaged barn board for those of you that love a more rustic touch to custom-made paneling, or custom printed murals to stunning traditional custom mouldings for both your walls and ceilings, the potential is endless.

We all know that when we renovate our kitchens and bathrooms we can select our cabinets, colours and counters, but that is not the extent of how you can customize your kitchens and bathrooms. When designing spaces for my clients, we have customized everything from built-in televisions and hidden hampers in the bathroom, to charging stations, hydraulic pull-out drawers for small appliances and hidden pet corners in the kitchen. Customizing your space doesn’t just mean adding pretty detail to your cabinetry or picking colours, it means creating a workable space that functions well for your day-to-day living.

So next time you catch yourself staring at your lack-lustre walls or your typical front door that looks the same as most of the other ones on your street, why not give some thought to how you can inject personality in to your space. Create that well-appointed home of your dreams that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

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