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Dr. Michael Carozza

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How many times have you felt inundated by health information? Do you suffer from the side effects of medication or life itself? In your circle of friends and family, how many of them are experiencing chronic pain, allergies and are potentially at risk for heart disease, diabetes or a stroke? Many people like myself have resigned and succumb to their pain and illness, feeling that as we get older, there are no rem- edies or hope for improved health. For many people including myself, hope has been renewed by Dr. Michael Carozza, ND (Naturopathic Doctor).

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas A. Edison

With a holistic approach to health, nutritional science and chronic illness, Dr. Carozza is able to shed some light for many who have reached the end of their rope. There is not only room for renewed hope, but also for a second chance at a healthier lifestyle. It takes dedication and willpower to change anything in life and your health is no exception.

Dr. Michael Carrozza, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario. With a Masters in Nutrition, Dr. Carozza learned early on that he had a deep passion to heal others. during his studies at The University of Guelph, one elective course in nutrition convinced him the body could heal by removing bad foods that wreak havoc on the human body. The most motivating factor that inspired him to study nutrition and the human body was the presence of heart disease in his family, in turn making his journey into naturopathic medicine a very personal one.

Upon completion of his Bachelor of Science, Dr. Carozza wanted to apply his scientific skill and nutritional knowledge in a research-oriented program. He completed a Masters degree in the department of Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Guelph under the supervision of Dr. Bruce Holub, one of Canada’s leading experts in Omega-3 research.

Dr. Carozza’s clinical research experience helped evolve the understanding of Omega-3’s and the protective effects it has on cardiovascular disease. He learned firsthand that natural supplements can help to heal, treat and reduce disease.

Born and raised in Woodbridge, Ontario, where he now practices, he believes that spreading the word of health and wellness is just one way of giving back to society. Dr. Carozza’s motto is “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Through proper diet and natural supplements, he can treat a wide variety of illnesses while addressing the root cause of the problem. Through his unique approach, he utilizes evidence-based medicine, which allows him to work with many medical professionals alike. His areas of expertise are: chronic degenerative diseases such as (CVD) Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Chronic Pain and Obesity. He specifically reduces risk factors, helping to manage and prevent all aspects of these illnesses. He also looks at the genetic link to classify many different serious diseases in our society that can be prevented through natural medicine. Aside from being a Naturopathic Doctor and public speaker, Dr. Carozza focuses on nutrition, which is the foundation of his practice’s dynamics.

Today he is making strides in helping people get a second chance at life; a healthier life. Simply being in his presence inspires one to want to improve, to make better food choices and be motivated to stay on track as you almost instantly see results. It’s imperative, of course, that his instructions are followed to the letter for optimum results. Within a few days of a gluten, dairy and sugar-free diet, I myself was feeling better, sleeping better and the bounce in my step returned. With his contagious smile and great bedside manner, you truly feel at home in his practice. Once you have met with him, you will appreciate his tenacity, his dedication and his passion towards unlocking the answers to the ‘why’ you are feeling the way you do. In a way, he is the Sherlock Homes of nutrition!

While getting to know you, Dr. Carozza is thirsty for knowledge, wanting to learn what ails you on all levels. He takes the time to speak with you, and to learn all of your dietary habits, medications and lifestyle. His recommendations are not based on hunches, rather medical results. His only goal is to improve your health exponentially, not only through dietary changes, but also by making a lifestyle change. He has respect for the medical profession and often works in cooperation with patients’ doctors to ensure full attention is given to the issues at hand.

“The scientist in me asks ‘why?’ I never stop asking why until I have an answer. I want to show people that my methodology works. I don’t stop and I’m relentless in testing, whether it’s blood, urine or saliva.”
– Dr. Michael Carozza

“I’m inspired by my success with patients and helping them; the best feeling in the world is being there for them,” Dr. Carozza says. “The scientist in me asks ‘why?’ I never stop asking why until I have an answer. I want to show people that my methodology works. I don’t stop and I’m relentless in testing, whether it’s blood, urine or saliva.” A perfect example of his persistence is a young girl who came in with severe eczema all over her body puzzled many healthcare practitioners. Dr. Carozza’s tests revealed that she had over 20 different food sensitivities and allergies. Her family was reluctant to change her diet, but this poor child was too embarrassed to even wear a short sleeve t-shirt. Dr. Carozza told her family that if they did not change her diet, she would never get better. The family trusted Dr. Carozza, and after a few months, the eczema slowly disappeared and the child’s smile returned. “Sometimes it’s not what I can give you, it’s what you need to avoid; what I can take out of your diet to make the necessary changes and heal the body. I’m looking for deficiencies,” he explains.

From a detailed series of questionnaires and your first urine sample, he is able to isolate some of the issues you may be facing. For me, it was an eye-opening experience. Although I was aware of certain problems, Dr. Carozza uncovered issues my body was struggling with. He revealed that I have a gluten allergy I didn’t know about. Many of us simply put up with discomfort and pain, accepting that this is the way we will always have to feel. Dr. Carozza is proving patiently that this is not the way it has to be at all. I no longer feel stuck with the condition of my body. I know this is my second chance at a healthy life, without crash diets or harmful pills.

From young children to aging seniors, Dr. Carozza is available to help anyone who is ready to feel better and have a healthier outlook on life. He operates under the belief that the body can heal if we eliminate white flour, sugar and dairy from our diet. When his professor held up a box of frozen waffles in his class and indicated that there were no nutritional ingredients or value, Dr. Carozza went home and omitted all white flour, breads and sugar from his and his family’s diet. “People need to have the willpower to be well,” he says, “and then you will be well. I don’t sugarcoat things; I don’t ever want to be in a position when people are not healing. My reward is in you achieving optimum health and to have that second chance at feeling great and looking fabulous!”

Dr. Michael Carozza B.ScHon, MSc, ND Naturopathic Doctor
Nutritional Scientist & Clinic Director |

Vaughan Natural Care Clinic
9200 Weston Road Unit 26 | 905-417-4000

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