Fictitious disrespect fuels fan’s fire

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Everywhere I went this weekend all I can see was the look of anger on the faces of the sports faithful in this city. The Toronto Raptors’ loss in the first game of the playoffs is alarming but it is not a crisis situation. Neither is it a conspiracy as too many people would have you believe. There are enough pundits out there that will explain how the Raptors lost, why they lost and whether or not they can get back on track. I on the other hand wish to tackle something far more disturbing. Many of those in the 6ix believe that this weekend’s start time was an unfair, diabolical plot to make the Raps lose from those anti-Canadian, greedy citizens from our neighbours to the south.

In fact, if you take the 12:30 start time and add all the digits you get 6.
6 represents Toronto.
The letter o appears in Toronto three times.
There are three sides to a triangle.
The triangle offence is a basketball play perfected by Phil Jackson.
Jackson is President of the New York Knicks.
The Raptors have the Knicks draft pick this year.
Draft beer, but the Americans are jealous of our draft beer, therefore this must be a conspiracy.
Illuminati confirmed.

You know I’m joking right? Please nod your head up and down in agreement.
So for those members of We The North, please do one thing. Breathe. That’s it, take a deep breath and let all that anger out of your body as it is unjustified. If you do believe there is some corrupt process at work, then you either have such an inferiority complex that everything bad is a conspiracy <as above> or you are so full of yourself that you sincerely believe that all losses are a result of someone else cheating. The truth is no one is out to get Toronto and if you open your eyes, you will see there is a perfectly good scientific explanation.

The Paranoia

Apparently the NBA has such little respect for the Raptors that it gave them the worst time slot (12:30pm) for the third straight year, even though they finished second in the East. Toronto gets the worst time slot because the Raptors are in Canada and the American TV stations will lose ratings. Loss of TV ratings could mean loss of revenue for the NBA as it is their primary source of revenue. These arguments not only sound plausible but reasonable too. Well, let’s use math to break this down shall we?

The Science

The Toronto Raptors did win a franchise best 56 games this year and were a single game away from being the Eastern Conference Champions. But coming into these playoffs, we find that the Raptors actually lost their last six playoff games in a row. Should a team that has lost that many playoff games in a row be shown respect? It is not like these losses were decades ago either as they happened in the last two years with the same core of players. Don’t you agree that a team like this should not get a Prime Time slot since they obviously haven’t been able to play well enough when it matters?

If you somehow still feel that this year’s regular season record is all that matters (which it shouldn’t but let’s say you do) then let’s take a look at another team like the Golden State Warriors. We start with past playoff performance and what do we have here – they are the 2015 NBA Champions. But we agreed that we shouldn’t look at that and only look at this year’s regular season record. I think it is safe to say that their 2016 record was a little more than OK. They had a RECORD SETTING, 73 game-winning Western Conference Champions type of season. They played their first game at 3:30pm right after the Raptors. But wait, they play in the PST time zone which means their game started locally at… 12:30!

So stop your anti-Canadian, ‘it sucks to be us’ whiny drivel as it is complete and utter nonsense. In fact, the Raptors should be honoured to have the exact same 12:30 time slot as the best and most popular team this year, the Golden State Warriors.

Mic drop.

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