Fringe Friday – Dumb is in the Eye of the Beholder edition

on May 2017 | in Sports | by Dario Passarelli | @PapaDart | with No Comments

Following our “maybe keep your mouth shut” edition, I decided to keep with the facial theme and this time focus on the eyes. After all, they are the windows to the soul. Don’t expect too many wonders to emerge however, as we have searched out for only those who didn’t see as well as they should have in this edition of Fringe Friday called dumb is in the eye of the beholder.

When you add dumb and eyesight, there is a pretty good chance there will be a story about an official (isn’t there always) and this one is doubly special. But first we look into the reason why you don’t want to meet a rugby player in a dark alley or on his well-lit front yard after you just tried to burgle his place.

I believe it goes without question when I say I don’t condone breaking and entering or stealing. It also goes without question how lately I am becoming obsessed with the sport of rugby. So it is with an abundance of joy that I learned about the following story. Three men broke into a house in Bradford, England and tried to make off with cash and a game station. They almost got away with it except the owner arrived home just before they could leave. The owner was Jon Magrin, a Bradford Bulls rugby player. For those of you who are not lucky enough to have caught on to the excitement that is the Toronto Wolfpack, Lesson 1: Never mess with a rugby player.

The three burglars did manage to get away but due to Magrin’s actions, one of them did drop a cell phone and police arrested all three thieves later on. One of them clearly showing the affects of not staying down as he was told too. I am sure this is not how the criminal “saw” the burglary going down and for that, he will now have trouble seeing anything for awhile.

Referees, umpires, officials have one of the toughest jobs in the world and I would love to cut them some slack but, it is just so much fun booing them that we just can’t help ourselves whether they made the wrong call or not. Unless of course, it is really obvious and is such a bad call. Face it, they’re human (well, mostly anyway) so they make mistake from time-to-time just like all of us do. But last month, in the case of umpire Cb Bucknor, well that “time-to-time” happened all in one at bat.

If you pay close attention to the Pitch Cast on the right side of the tweet above, you will “see” exactly zero, none, nada, zilch, zippo pitches in the strike zone, or even close to the strike zone. Yet, the batter struck out without swinging. I don’t understand it. Now, I am not sure what Bucknor was seeing, but he certainly wasn’t seeing the plate.

It didn’t end there however. Bucknor went on to have the worst game of his life. Trust me, if he’s had worse, do any of us really want to know about it? Thankfully, the Nationals did go on to win the game because what you see below, should have been the last pitch of the game.

Ok, let’s walk through this. So he calls a foul tip that was not a foul tip by quite a large margin. But after he calls it a foul tip and therefore the batter is safe, he calls the batter out and ends the game. But after he calls the batter out and ends the game, he calls everyone back because he called the foul tip that wasn’t a foul tip. Everyone then has to go back to their positions and they can continue to play. Are you confused? I am and really, so is Bucknor. The batter did get out, the Nationals did win but yet no one saw that coming, specially the umpire, who apparently didn’t see anything the entire game.

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