Fringe Friday – the Maybe Keep Your Mouth Shut edition

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In the conflicting world of humanity, it is considered better to openly discuss things rather than keep those feelings and emotions bottled up. Well, in this edition of Fringe Friday – Maybe keep your mouth shut, we find a couple of exceptions to that rule. Now, this certainly doesn’t imply that these people are unintelligent or bad people, just that, in certain situations it might be far better for everyone if they just said nothing.

Discussing Concussing

Let’s start with Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her comments this week on Good Morning America. First and foremost, any excuse to have a picture or video of Gisele in any article, is justification in itself, but in this case there is also a valid reason. During her interview she had made mention that her husband, five time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady Of the New England Patriots, had suffered a concussion this year and possible has had one almost every year prior to that.

The funny part of all of this (and no, I don’t consider concussions funny) but for the first time in what seems a long time, this had been a really quiet offseason for the New England Patriots. Well, not anymore.

If this was true and Brady did have a concussion, then he did not disclose the injury and therefore broke the rules. You know somewhere Roger Goodell is licking his lips. All the NFL needs now is another Deflategate to drag everyone in and out of courts for a couple of more years. As stupid as that sounds, would it surprise any of us if that happened? I mean Goodell obviously handled the original deflategate properly, didn’t he? Or how he handled the Adrian Peterson situation or Ray Rice? Right, the NFL Commissioner doesn’t really have a “good” track record of handling these types of situations does he?

So Mrs. Brady, on behalf of all sports media thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful gift you have bestowed upon us as I am sure there will be plenty to cover over the next few weeks regarding the Patriots and how they cheated the system yet again. It makes perfect sense that they won because they didn’t disclose Tom Brady’s concussion. Oh? Did I say weeks? This could be months, even years worth of material.

Whining over Winning

This story may not carry on for as long as the previous one, but it does grant Dennis K.Morgan his 15 minutes of fame. Now some people believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity. They’re wrong. When you come across as a whiny and ungrateful employee, it really is time for your song to end.

In the midst of the euphoria surrounding the NHL playoff success of the Nashville Predators, there is one person who is pouting for not having been invited to the party. Regular anthem singer Dennis K. Morgan has complained of late because other “A list” stars have been asked to sing the anthem instead.

How dare the Nashville Predators ask the “no names” of country music to sing the anthem such as Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood? It must be, as Morgan states, because he is not a 7 time Grammy winner, he is not as beautiful and he is not married to the captain of the team either.

Now, I am not a country music fan and with no disrespect to anyone who is, I really don’t care for it. But to state that Mrs. Underwood is singing the anthem because her husband is the captain, well that is really some sort of special delusional.

Mr. Morgan is a very good singer otherwise he wouldn’t have that gig to begin with and I am sure he is a smart person and probably a very nice guy as well, but dude… let’s leave it at that. It is common across all rinks and all sports that as playoffs come, all aspects of the in game optics get raised up a notch. There is a plethora of singers, actors and even athletes who get called in at these special times to help bolster that atmosphere. Nashville is doing a phenomenal job of even making it a mystery by not revealing who will sing the anthem until they walk out on the ice. There was no need therefore for you to get your vocal chords in a knot and there is no need for you to have threatened the Predators by going public. Be happy Mr. Morgan, for today you are the exception. You have proven there is such a thing as bad publicity.

For the record, the Nashville Predators have won their last 10 home playoff games.

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