Fringe Friday – The scoring edition

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Heading into the weekend and what a crazy week it has been hasn’t it? Raptors finally make a trade after 20 months, but we won’t touch on that today as Serge Ibaka won’t play his first game for the Dino’s for another week because of the all-star game. Today we will focus on scoring because a) I’m not sure if Antoine Vermette knows how to score points with the refs, b) keeping score on Valentine’s Day for the Montreal Canadians is a lot harder than we anticipated and c) well, at the highest level of soccer (aka the Champions League) we actually have, well, scoring. And lots of it. So without further ado, let’s get into Fringe Friday – the Scoring edition.

Did you think he was the puck?

So Antoine Vermette gets a 10 game suspension for his love tap (ok, most people would call it a slash) on the back of a referee’s legs. I’m sure there is a better way to get the refs attention and I’m puzzled how he thought he could get away with it. How could someone believe that during a 1-0 game in the NHL that no one would notice? I mean, there are 2 linesmen, 2 referees and 16 cameras all looking in your general direction.

Yes, referees in all sports make mistakes but that is never any reason whatsoever to even think about hitting them in any kind of manner. Although, having watched the replay over and over, I still find it downright hilarious. As soon as Vermette loses the draw he is absolutely frozen in disbelief. You can picture an incredulous look on his face… as if to say, “Hey ref, I can’t believe you just did that to me… TO ME, I’m Antoine Vermette!” Well, Mr. Vermette now has a few weeks at home to get over himself.

Valentine’s Day – NHL style

It would seem entirely callous for anyone to ditch their betrothed on Valentines Day.It would however, be downright evil to not only ditch them, but to also get back together with one of your ex’s as well. Let me introduce you then to the Montreal Canadiens. Not only did they fire head coach Michel Therrien on Valentine’s day, but they also announced that they hired Claude Julien at the same time. Yes, that very same Claude Julien that was fired from the Boston Bruins just a week earlier.

If you think that this love triangle can’t get any more sensational, just wait… because there is more! Back in 2003 Michel Therrien was fired (the first time that is) as coach of the Montreal Canadiens. Who did the Habs get to replace him at that time? Yup, you guessed it, this very same Claude Julien.

Goals Abound

To say it has been an unusual Champions League this year would be quite the understatement and some of the games this week certainly followed suit. Bayern Munich is a class organization and over the past decade should easily be ranked as a top 3 team alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid. Arsenal is no push over, but with a first leg score of 5-1 in Bayern’s favour, maybe Arsenal is. Not many people are giving Arsenal any hope of a comeback. OK, that was an exaggerations. NO ONE is giving Arsenal any hope of a comeback.

Speaking of improbable comebacks, many people (and they could very well be right) would say that Barcelona has been the best team over that decade. This week however, they weren’t even close. They faced PSG in Paris and got blown out of the water, losing 4-0. PSG has always been close to that top tier of teams and maybe, just maybe they have finally arrived. Despite having to win 4-0 at home just to tie, there are 3 reasons why Barcelona still has a chance. Messi. Neymar. Suarez.

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