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There was a time not too long ago when a 7-0 loss by the Toronto Maple Leafs may have seemed like the end of the world. It would have brought a sense of emptiness and yes, even despair. I find that not to be the case right now. Funny what “perspective” brings. Having spent most of the night watching the election results as one watches a train wreck, I now understand what a sense of emptiness and yes, even despair really feels like. I am not American and some of you might say it doesn’t impact me so why should I care. But I do care, because I believe I am a small part of humanity and anytime humanity is harmed, so am I. I am not a Habs fan for example but I had those same feelings watching a helpless Al Montoya get pummelled 10-0 by the Columbus Blue Jackets. I don’t wish that kind of pain on anyone, because a) I don’t consider myself a hateful person and b) well, we all know what karma can be like. So to all you Leaf fans that laughed and jeered at the Habs score line a short while ago, remember that a 7-0 drubbing isn’t that far off.

The good news about this Leafs lost though is that we only have to suffer for one game and not for 4 years like the American public and the world do under Trump’s regime. Any Maple Leaf loss, even one as bad as this one, doesn’t remotely compare to the real life travesty that has happened down south. It is just one loss in an 82 game schedule of a year where there really isn’t that much expectation to begin with. There will be another game soon enough (Friday vs the Flyers) where we can once again be dazzled by the crop of rookies we have gotten so excited about. Coach Mike Babcock said when he was first hired that there would be pain and lots of it. Just because the tear down is finished and we have entered the first year of the rebuild, it doesn’t mean the pain has ended. There will be more days like this coming so be prepared for it and remember, it isn’t a bad thing either.

Losses like this can be demoralizing but they can also act as a realistic gauge of where the team is at from both a skill and chemistry level. After winning three straight games where the goaltending was quite good and the chances were being capitalized on, there were people already beginning to contemplate playoffs. Easy does it folks, easy does it. At the end of the day, these are rookies and they have to acclimatize themselves to life in the NHL. There will be ups and downs (usually more downs) in the next year or two. But through it all will be fundamental learning experiences that provide a great opportunity for growth. Maybe a vote of this nature was necessary, giving Americans a realistic gauage where the country and its citizens are at. Just maybe America needs to suffer a soul searching loss as the Leafs and grow from it as well.

Having Donald Trump as President is a poor result for the American public. I say this because you tend to pick your leadership based on your own qualities. If you analyze the votes themselves, you will find that the majority of people that voted for Donald Trump are white, male and uneducated. Tonight I am almost ashamed that I have two of those traits as well. The next four years will be a challenge as a country, just like a team, starts to rebuild itself. It will be an interesting time for all.

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