Logan Forsythe – the smartest player of the year… so far

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After last night’s game, I can confidently say that Logan Forsythe might possibly be the most intelligent player in baseball.

The Tampa Bay 2nd baseman has an Intel-powered processor underneath his Rays cap, and the proof was in the game-ending play in Tuesday night’s Jays/Rays game at Tropicana Field.

Everyone is aware of the controversial ending. Bases loaded – 1 out – Jays’ cleanup hitter at the plate. He hits a grounder to third, fielded by Evan Longoria, who fires a hard throw to 2nd. Jose Bautista was called out on the force, and then Forsythe threw wide to first base. Edwin Encarnación was safe, and took second base while the tying and go-ahead runs scored.

However, after review, Encarnación was called out due to “interference” from the Joey Bats slide at second base. Rather than taking the lead, the game was over and the Jays recorded their first regular season loss of 2016.

Logan Forsythe, you crafty little devil.

Replays showed that had the ball been on target, Encarnación would have beaten the throw, meaning the tying run would have scored.

Forsythe knew this.

The ball hit to 3rd was more of a chopper. Longoria was unable to charge the ball, and had to wait at mid-depth to field the ball cleanly. By the time he got the ball to 2nd, Encarnación was already steps from first base.

Forsythe, with his internal core i7 processor analyzed the data in the moment and realized that he had no chance of turning the double play. A tie game with the Jays, with Tulo, Martin and Saunders due up was not a good situation to be in. This game had to end now, and there was only one way to do that.

Seeing that Jose Bautista was dragging his left hand, Forsythe made sure to embellish the contact, hooking his foot into Bautista’s hand and purposely threw the ball wide.

In hockey, he’d have been given two for unsportsmanlike conduct.

In the now-softer-than-ever game of baseball, the review indicated that he was interfered with unreasonably, and his “error” was caused by the runner.

Well played Logan. Well played.

Can’t wait to see what other tricks this walking super-computer has up his sleeve in today’s series finale.

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