Mayweather vs McGregor – Hype and Hope

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In the end, the 10th round victory by Floyd Mayweather over Conor McGregor may have been the expected result, but the fight, at the very least, was more entertaining than anyone anticipated. It made those that shilled out $100 to watch it in the comfort of their own homes feel better about their purchase, despite the significant server volume issues leading up to the main event itself.

This fight was more than just what happened in the ring, this fight was about the full three ring circus that encompassed it making it more of a spectacle than just a boxing match. If someone from another planet asked what was your biggest (not best) sporting event, we would have to respond with… “Well, we just had the biggest boxing match in earth’s history where we have a tax-evading 40 year-old man who has been charged multiple times for domestic violence and who came out of retirement to fight a foul-mouthed Irishman who was living in his car just 5 years ago and oh… by the way, this was his first professional boxing match too.” It doesn’t sound like a really big deal at all, but it was. So here is a brief overview of the hype, the fight and some of the ridiculous numbers surrounding it.

Many feared, myself included, that the hype before the fight was the only good thing about this entire endeavour. McGregor is a great MMA fighter, but he is an even better talker and hype machine. Mayweather, after orchestrating the biggest pay fight in boxing history against Manny Pacquiao just two years ago is no slouch himself. The hype tour hit four cities starting in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and then London. Each stop became more ridiculous than the previous one. Yet again, you couldn’t look away. It was must see TV and for a moment, however brief, you began to wish that all sports had this.

Imagine Sidney Crosby calling out Alex Ovechkin for choking as he hasn’t been able to win the big one; or LeBron James and Kevin Durant calling each other names like brash 10 year olds who just learned how to swear. It would make a journalist’s life most entertaining, but that too would get boring so let’s be thankful it doesn’t happen often… well, only as often as either McGregor or Mayweather open their mouths.

With all the hype about the hype, not much was being said of the fight as few gave McGregor any chance of winning. The opening three rounds made the fight what it was, specially for those that do not know much about boxing. McGregor came out as the aggressor and landed more punches than Mayweather even threw. He was able to do this by using his jab with his considerable reach, and by also shifting back and forth from a south paw to right-handed stance, changing the angles of his punches along the way as well. For the non-boxing expert like myself, that was the best thing possible for the fight as it gave every fan hope that this wasn’t going to be another snorefest like the Pacquiao match was. In fact, with Mayweather looking at times confused, people began to have hope that McGregor might actually win.

But one is not 49-0 by fluke and neither can one be considered the best pound-for-pound boxer by being lucky. As we found out through the next 6 or 7 rounds, Mayweather had a plan. Despite getting outhit, there was really no real power behind many of the MMAs punches so the boxer was never hurt nor worried. As the match went on, Moneymaker found his target more and more and with harder and harder punches leading to the 10th round where the referee did the right thing in stopping the match. You don’t have to like Mayweather (and I don’t) but from a purely boxing perspective, he is one of the smartest in ring game planners the sport has ever seen. He doesn’t pulverise you in under 3 minutes like Mike Tyson used too, he just outboxes everyone and I mean everyone. That is why he is now a perfect 50-0 surpassing Rocky Marciano with the most wins without a loss.

Speaking of numbers, here are a few that have been estimated at but have not yet been confirmed. According to the Mayweather camp, the live gate is over $80M and if that is correct it eclipses the previous highest total which was $72 from his previous fight. That fight against Pacquiao also held the record for Pay Per View buys at 4.6 million. Again, this is according to Mayweather’s camp, but they have stated that this fight surpassed that as well, possibly even breaking 5 million buys. At $100 a view, I’m sure you can do the math.

All in all, I don’t think it could have gone any better for everyone. Fans enjoyed a decent match, McGregor gained respect and a [email protected]#$ load of money while Mayweather gets to 50-0 and earns even more $%#@#%#@$^#[email protected] money. The question now remains, will there be a rematch? Personally, I wouldn’t want one as I didn’t even want this first fight. But it may be worth it just to see how crazy, stupid, ridiculous the amount of money that gets thrown around then.

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