MLB voters get it wrong… again

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Being selected to any Hall of Fame is an honour, of that there is no question. But by its very selection process however, it really is nothing more than a popularity vote. The NHL, NFL even the WWE all have selection committees or a group of people that vote in who they “feel” is deserving. This means that there will always be disputes as to who gets in and who doesn’t and that can lead to some very interesting debates either on the radio, in print or of course, over a pint at the local watering hole. One of the most heated debates that has gone on recently, has to do with the baseball Hall of Fame and the infamous steroid era candidates. Now whether or not I believe they should or shouldn’t be in the HOF is of little importance here but for the record, in case you are wondering, I think they should. Truthfully, there is certainly an argument to be made for either side and I am not here to debate that. All I ask, all that anyone can ask, is that there be some form of consistency by those that vote. Unfortunately, this year that hasn’t been the case and all I am left with is a vile, bitter taste in my mouth thanks to those baseball pundits who are inept at voting for Cooperstown.

Most writers (or I should say voters) have ventured away from voting in any athlete associated with steroids. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and even the players responsible for bringing baseball back to life after the 1994 baseball strike, Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. If no one had ever heard of performance enhancing drugs then three of these players would have already been elected into the HOF, maybe even on their first ballot. Sorry Sammy, but your numbers just aren’t quite as good as the others. But because they did take them, they are being ostracized by hypocritical voters that feel they are the moral compass for the entire league. Sorry to burst your little bubble dear HOF voters, but you are not.

Don’t get me wrong. I would not have an issue with writers snubbing these athletes because they broke the rules, if they in fact broke the rules. The commissioner sent a memo indicating that steroids were against the rules, yet it never bothered to actually change the rules to reflect that. A reporter found an opened bottle of androstenedione in McGuire’s locker which is a precursor to steroids and banned by the International Olympic Committee. But do you know which sport did not have that on the banned list? Baseball. So why was McGuire treated like a cheater at that time as most people already knew what he was taking. You know who else knew that McGuire and Sosa were talking PEDs? Commissioner Bud Selig. In fact after the strike, he was not only aware of it, he did nothing to stop it. There was no rule changes, no testing, no suspensions… nothing. The home run race (brought about by steroids) was heating up and it was the main attraction that drew fans back to baseball after greedy players and even greedier owners turned off most fans.

So regardless of all the good that Bug Selig has done to benefit baseball, and it has been significant, he should not be elected to the Hall of Fame. It is nothing personal, just that he is as guilty, if not more, than Bonds, Clemens, Sosa and McGuire regarding steroids. There is therefore no consistency, no reasoning and no justice in him being elected while the others were not. Thank you dear baseball writers and HOF voters for proving just how petty and hypocritical you are as a group. Get off of your morally high horse and make the Hall of Fame as grand as it once was and not just a tool for your small-minded, petty injustices.

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