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The summer months are usually the most coveted months of the year, the hot weather is finally here and most of us are now looking to spend time outdoors. What’s more comfortable than making your own outdoor space the place to be during the warm days and nights ahead? Entertaining family and friends in a private outdoor oasis is all the buzz now and easy to create.

The summer months are when we enjoy taking on small renovation projects. We are finding that there has been an in- flux of clients looking beyond their living spaces and into their backyards to make those green spaces an extension of their home. Bringing the indoors outside is be- coming more popular now as furniture designers strive to create unique and comfortable furnishings that allow us to take our living rooms outdoors. Exterior furniture and accessories are now avail- able for every budget. Beautiful products can be found everywhere and one of the best go to sources for great outdoor pieces is Southport Outdoor Living in Vaughan & Toronto. They have a vast array of seating options available in a variety of colours and finishes.

So now it’s time to take those plastic din- ing sets and toss them aside! Refresh your tired backyard spaces with a couple of loungers, a sectional or a unique set of chairs for the porch area. The ever popular woven synthetic wicker pieces come in modern designs and classic styling to work now with every look. Accentuate your seating arrangements with portable and multifunctional accent tables and stools. These can be found in ceramic, acrylic, metal or anything that’s playful! People are turning their backyards into hideaway retreats.

Another item to hit the home décor mar- ket this spring season is outdoor carpets. Made from woven polyurethane fibres, outdoor mats can be lots of fun! Many retailers are now carrying these mats, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. This is without doubt a maintenance free product; just grab your garden hose to give your mats a quick refresher. These unique pieces are exceptionally lightweight and most surprisingly they are quite inexpensive!

Got issues with your grass growing, or you simply want a carefree lawn? Check out some of the beautiful synthetic turfs. On one of the early episodes of HGTV’s Income Property, I installed some synthetic turf; the clients were de- lighted that their income property would be carefree, and the material proved to stand the test of time.

You too can transform your backyard into a boutique hotel oasis that will have your guests coming back for more!

Tips & Tricks

ONE Make sure your out- door fabrics are Sunbrella fabrics or equivalent. This uniquely designed textile will not fade, wear under the harsh rays of the sun and is waterproof!

TWO Outdoor furniture pieces should be made of durable, non-rusting materials!

THREE Consider some outdoor lighting options or lanterns to complete the look.

FOUR Create living zones and focal points with fire pits, outdoor cooking stations, or by simply planting and grouping containers with potted flowers and trees.

Toronto-based celebrity & award-winning designer Dvira Ovadia. Principal of Dvira Interiors, is known for her appearances and design work on various HGTV shows. Dvira and her team use their profound understanding of design to create stylishly smart spaces. Servicing clientele throughout Ontario & GTA. | www.dvira.com

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