Removing the wrestling from Wrestlemania

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Writing about professional wrestling is always a tricky undertaking. If you write for people who don’t really follow sports entertainment, you wind up either writing to defend it or to oversell it. If you write for those that are heavily into wrestling, well, despite being extremely nice and knowledgable, they are really, really opinionated. (Shout out one time to @AsTheHeelTurns and @NuclearConvoy ) So, instead of trying to do either, I decided to remove the obstacle entirely. I have picked just a few things out of this year’s Wrestlemania that I found interesting and entertaining and see if we can prove that Wrestlemania 33 from Orlando, Florida was more than just wrestling.

John Cena

There is no wrestler that has fans more divided than John Cena. For the most part, women and children love him while men in that 18-35 age group can’t stand him. Regardless of what city or what arena he is in, half the people cheer and half the people boo. Forget about everything that he has accomplished in the ring and get a good understanding of what he has done outside of it. He has granted more wishes (over 500) for Make a Wish Foundation than anyone else, and the next person is a couple of hundred away. If you give, you shall receive. So it was fitting that John Cena got his wish at this year’s Wrestlemania. After his intergender tag team victory with his partner and longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella, he proposed to her and she accepted. To top it off, for once the crowd wasn’t split and they all cheered.

The Spectacle

If you watched Monday Night Raw or any of the Pay Per Views, you understand that entrances are way over the top and a significant part of the show. The music, pyrotechnics and props all add to the atmosphere. This was no different and quite possibly, one of the best ever. Sure they still had all their usual flair, but having video on the rampway added something extra. Naomi came out in her usual neon-glitter but this time impact was tenfold as the ramp also came alive in the same neon-glitter. The coolest ramp video belonged to Randy “the Viper” Orton because as he walked that ramp to the ring and an image of a large snake followed him there. Not to be outdone though was his opponent that night Bray Wyatt. The “Eater of Worlds” didn’t use the ramp, he used the whole ring itself be the backdrop for his sick, unsightly images of maggots and other gross bugs to gain a psychological advantage.

The Surprise

The internet has both helped and hindered this industry. It helped by connecting everyone that has a passion together and there is a ton of information that is being passed around. Having said that though, with all this information, that leaves very little opportunity to surprise the fans. So when the Hardy Boys walked down that ramp, there were many,many people who had to pick their jaw off the floor. It was rumoured and some people would have known it was coming, but for the majority, it was a genuine surprise and that always gets the blood pumping.

The Undertaker

From that first gong when the shivers start up your spine till the Undertaker makes it to the ring, you are frozen in awe. He has been striking fear into his opponents and entertaining fans for over 25 years and sadly, his career has come to an end. Fittingly, it has taken place at Wrestlemania where his infamous winning streak became a bigger prize than any title or trophy or belt. If you were a wrestler and could have any match you want, it would be with the deadman at the biggest spectacle in all of sports entertainment. Watching him leave the ring for the final time was difficult because it signified the end of an era. The Undertaker was the last pillar of the “old school” wrestler and the last tie in to a bygone time of wrestling that I enjoyed many years ago.

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