7 Super Foods

Seven Superfoods

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Start the day feeling energized and fabulous! All it takes is a few key ingredients to build one’s immune system; the cornerstone of good health.

A daily dose of immune boosting super foods are a great way to in- crease energy levels and allow the body to ward off ailments and viruses such as the common cold. Whether working in an office or shopping for the latest trends, germs are all around us. Super foods are the secret building blocks that fuel the body with natural energy and improve overall health.

Seven incredible super foods that both energize and boost the immune system are Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Maca Root, Beets, Blueberries, Ginger and Apples. Combine them together in a daily shake or take a spoonful of each a day in order to reap lasting benefits!

Wheatgrass is an all in one super food that elevates your mood, reduces stress and keeps the immune system running at optimum levels. Don’t be fooled, although the name contains the word wheat, it has NO WHEAT and is in fact gluten-free. This vibrant green super food contains both essential vitamins and minerals that not only provide energy but also heal the body on just about every level. It is packed with B vitamins that are crucial to elevate the body’s energy levels while reducing stress.

Another energy boosting food is spirulina. These blue-green algae from the sea are a natural source of iron and full of essential amino acids that the body needs to fuel each of its daily functions and maintain its balance. Containing B12, it not only increases energy but also has the ability to lower stress levels. This is a crucial component that will combat fatigue and leave you feeling energetic.

The key to health is balance. Maca root, or “Peruvian ginseng” as it’s also referred to as, is the secret ingredient that brings the body into balance, wherever it needs it. A well-known adaptogen, Maca root not only increases the body’s natural energy levels but also provides the body with vitamins and minerals such a C, B, E, Zinc and Magnesium, which also reduces stress and combats fatigue.

If you love beets andblueberries for their flavour and colour, you will love them for their powerful detoxification components. Both clean and remove toxins from the body, increasing energy and maximizing function to boost health, increase immune and prevent every cell in the body from aging, leaving skin glowing from the inside out.

Apples and ginger are also excellent nutritional sources that should not be overlooked. Ginger adds a kick of zest while increasing the body’s ability to absorb every nutrient. It improves circulation and digestion, which is a key component to transporting all this goodness to every part of your body. This root provides the body with an all over feel good sensation. When combined with apple all ingredients become a symphony of flavour. Apples are one of the richest fruits known to man. Contain- ing inhabiting phytonutrients, immune boosting vitamin C and energy boosting vitamin B’s that optimize liver function and remove harmful toxins that slow the body’s defence mechanisms.

This amazing combination of super foods is the easiest way to get these natural energy levels circulating through the body to improve immunity and increase concentration while removing that draining brain fog that creeps up from day to day. Why not feel amazing every day with super foods that leave you wanting to start every day with boundless energy!

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