Small Spacing Living in Vaughan
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Small Space Living

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As the condo and apartment life is becoming more and more popular and living in the city becomes more attractive to most people, it is very common for most busy professional individuals, couples and families to live in smaller spaces. Although you might like the “less is more” lifestyle, you still want your space to look attractive and make the most of it while keeping it stylish, functional and within your desired budget. There are a few very simple and effective tips to turn any small living space into a designer apartment and create comfort without cluttering your home.

A few simple universal rules for small space living is to always keep it clean, use small furniture pieces and get rid of all the clutter. That might sound easier to say than actually getting it done. However, here are 10 quick tips on helping you get started:

  1. Make sure there is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place at all times. If you cannot find space for it, then consider getting rid of it. Unless you want to be a hoarder and create clutter, for everything you bring in, try to get rid of one item.
  2. Purchase smaller furniture pieces that have dual purposes; couches that turn into murphy beds, beds with underneath storage, tables that have drawers and expandable dining tables.
  3. Use your vertical space as wisely as your horizontal ones; wall shelves and floor to ceiling storage systems are extremely effective in the organization of small spaces.
  4. If budget allows, have your cabinetry custom designed and built in accordance to your needs and requirements. This includes your kitchen cabinets, your bathroom vanity and storage system and your dressing closet. Cabinetry and closets play an extremely important role in any space, especially in keeping the smaller spaces functional and de-cluttered.
  5. Darker floors against lighter colour furniture pieces and walls effect the space looking larger.
  6. Pick neutral and lighter colours for the walls and use the same tone for your furniture. You can add colour with your accessories like pillows and sculptures, which can be switched through out the various seasons of the year to give your space a fresh look at all times.
  7. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces help the space to look much larger.
  8. Drapery is very important, use two to three layers of thin fabrics to allow natural light and create a more open look.
  9. Lighting is extremely important, so use proper lamps, chandeliers and bulbs to brighten up the space. Light always creates an illusion of a bigger space.
  10. Keep in mind that furniture with legs look less heavy than furniture sitting on the floor. The negative space in the furniture will trick the eye in thinking there’s more space.

Aisan Ahmadi Toronto-based Principal Designer with Creative Group Interiors. The firm designs large and small scale spaces and provides distinctive and uniquely personal interiors for both residential and commercial clients throughout the GTA

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