Strong Mind Healthy Body

Strong Mind Healthy Body

Ask Dr. Mike

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“The easiest ways in working towards feeling better is through the foods you eat.” – DR.MIKE

While chronic illnesses increase to an all time high the pendulum is also swinging towards an improved quality of life. The more people you speak with, the more people share their ailments. Sometimes it doesn’t sound serious, but something as small as chronic fatigue can affect quality of life. But the question is, why do so many prevalent illnesses exist today and what are people doing about it?

“People’s bodies are fighting to rectify themselves,” says Dr. Michael Carozza. “Their bodies are trying to survive because their illness wants to take over. When the body gives up, what’s left could be any of a number of illnesses: diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, ADHD, hypertension, cirrhosis, lupus, skin disorders, and arthritis to name a few. One, or a combination of any of these, will wreak havoc in the body.” He emphatically states, “The illness will take you if you don’t make changes. What is the one thing we can do to eradicate the majority of these illnesses?” asks Dr. Mike, as he is commonly known to his patients. “We can eat well! Let food be thy medicine.”

Patients with some of these chronic illnesses or autoimmune disorders are coming in earlier than normal. Younger people with Type 2 Diabetes is an example. He asks, “What is going on with society?” Although there is no one single answer to that, Dr. Mike is of the belief that one of the ways we can begin healing our bodies is through mind body medicine. What does that mean? We must strengthen our minds and nourish our bodies. “The mind is weak when we have stress and we display signs of anxiety, depression and nervousness. This is all stemming from a nutritional deficiency,” says Dr. Mike. He empathically notes that connecting mind and body is the way to a healthier lifestyle and when we achieve this, we naturally promote healing in the body.

Keeping your mind healthy is key to optimal health. You can achieve this through exercising your mind. How do you exercise your mind? Dr. Mike says, “Mindful meditation. Yoga. You can walk and exercise regularly.” When there is a ‘disconnect’ between the body and mind, the body cannot function at optimal levels. “I see through my practice that people get too busy and focused on work, they stress, worry, and when the body can’t fight any longer, it goes to the chronic illness state.”

The body will eventually fail to repair itself without proper attention. As much as we want to believe in proactive measures, the daily grind and stress due to work/life imbalance gets the better of us. When we’re stressed we become weak minded, we reach for the wrong food, we don’t get enough rest nor drink enough water. Our bodies suffer. Although we don’t see the effects right away because the signs of disease may not be apparent, or worse, they are ignored, the damage unfortunately has already set in.

One of the reasons people ignore chronic illness, is primarily due to the lack willpower. Life can easily become a vicious cycle. You’re stressed, you eat poorly, your get depressed, you eat bad food, you become more depressed, you gain weight, then you get more depressed. To break free from this vicious cycle, it takes incredible determination. Will power and a strong desire to live a long healthy life requires hard work and a conscious effort. We all have illness on some level born from our blueprint to which we are genetically predisposed. What can we do to improve the inevitable? Once again, the answer is simple – eat right! Now is always a good time to start.

What classifies eating right you might ask? Does it mean just making a change at the drive-thru window, like asking to hold the cheese? “Dr. Carozza insists, “No, it’s more than that. The sodium, the fat content, the preservatives, all of them are bad for you. They are wreaking havoc on your digestive tract. So the point I’m trying to make is that change needs to happen early and the easiest ways in working towards feeling better is through the foods you eat.”

Mind body medicine is the first step in healing your body. It’s not about losing weight first; healing the body is critical, but building the strongest muscle in your body, the mind, is just as important.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to inbox me, call the clinic 905.417.4000 or email me at [email protected]. You can also find me on Facebook @VaughanNaturalCare

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