Ten Toronto First Date Spots

Ten First Date Spots

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Navigating the elusive perfect first date can be a tricky task. Some say that the space determines the date, where others think the company is all that matters. In my opinion, it’s a blend of both. Why settle when you can have your cake (or expertly mixed cocktail) and eat it too? These are some of my favourite personal hot spots in the city, which might be exactly what you were looking for to take out that special someone.

Campo 244 Jane St.

Literally meaning “countryside” in both Spanish and Italian, Campo is a reinterpretation of rustic cuisine that fits its namesake perfectly. While the restaurant mainly serves its customers lunch and dinner Wednesday through Friday, this cozy and cool spot offers some of the best gnocchi and cured meat in the city. If you’re both lovers of red wine over good conversation, this is the place for you.

El Catrin Distillery District

If you are looking for a patio atmosphere with a lively crowd, El Catrin comes highly recommended. Mixing classic Mexican flavours with modern Canadian ingredients, the menu is explosive in taste and offers portions that fit expertly alongside a cocktail menu that might help give you that boost of liquid courage to start some conversation. There are literally 85 tequilas available, treat yourself.

Dundas & Carlaw 1173 Dundas St. E.

For the coffee date set on a weekend afternoon, or for those looking to take afternoon tea into evening drinks. This unique date spot offers a quiet atmosphere filled with the aroma of baked goods and Americanos, all of which taste delicious by the way. Order a scone, grab an espresso and introduce yourself.

Terroni 57 Adelaide St. E.

Pizza on the first date sounds like a match made in heaven, and I have to say that Terroni makes an absolutely killer pie. The Adelaide location is perfect for a casual rendezvous to indulge on classic Italian everything. I’ve always believed that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and trust me this is an excellent start.

Kasa Moto 115 Yorkville Ave.

Japanese food is a particular favourite of mine,and if I were to go to Kasa Moto on a first date, I would be sold. With a menu organized into cold and hot plates, rice and noodles, sushi, and more substantially grilled options, the high price point is completely justified. Their expert presentation and beautifully crafted sushi is known throughout the city.

FREDI’S TIP Order the cold soba noodles if you are less adventurous on the seafood side, but still want to experience an explosion of flavour in your mouth.

Snakes & Lattes 600 Bloor St. W.

Going back to basics can be surprisingly fun, and having recently gone here for a date myself, I highly recommend breaking out a board game and sinking their battleship. There is something nostalgic about putting your phones away, playing cards and just getting to know each other over a Nutella Latte (order this and don’t look back). With a massive selection of board games and delicious menu of coffee and food, feel free to sit here for hours, you won’t realize how fast the time flies.

Little Sister 2031 Yonge St.

While I haven’t personally been here yet, this has come highly recommended from several friends of mine. Known for its play on Indonesia-Dutch cuisine, Little Sister offers a menu that is great for those first dates where you want to try everything. Their snack selections offer braised meats to vegetarian long-grain rice, so you’re in for a treat. If you both are foodies, definitely check this out.

Burdock 1184 Bloor St. W.

For the lovers of beer and live music, Burdock offers a unique space that is divided into a restaurant, bar and microbrewery. Offering live music on average four nights a week, this spot is certainly different from what you might typically consider first date material. There is a quirkiness about the experience that I think lends itself well to having a good time. Plus the menu is multi-formatted, offering local and seasonal ingredients when possible; if you’re vegetarian or vegan, the options are quite expansive.

Tabule 810 Queen St.

As a lover of Middle Eastern food, this place easily fits the bill for a perfect spot to take someone who is open to different types of food. If you have specific food allergies like myself, its menu offers a wide range of flavours and textures that often fit your specific nutritional needs. From a welcoming dining ambience, to a beautifully crafted menu of homemade food, this is for a lighthearted date with someone who is ready to eat.

People’s Eatery 307 Spadina Ave.

I’ve mentioned 416 Snack Bar before, so you’ll know the drill once you arrive at the People’s Eatery. With no cutlery, and rich umami tasting snacks, this spot is great for the creative couple that wants to keep it casual, but still feeling elevated. This is a modern fare at its best, and trust me, if you like Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Thai and even Italian, you’re in for a treat.

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