Truth About Dental Implants

The Truth About Dental Implants

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For many professionals in the medical and dental field, status quo is a way of doing business day in and day out. What happens when the youngest dental surgeon of his 2003 graduating class at the University of Toronto, arms himself with determination, insight and some entrepreneurial flair? You get someone who is making a difference in leading edge technology in the field of dental implants. Boring topic only for the aging population? Wrong! From young athletes and sports injuries to people having various types of accidents causing them to lose teeth, to the aging population, dental implants are still the only way to replace teeth. Dr. Dan Hagi of the Thornhill Smile Centre is not only practicing but also teaching implant dental procedures with a new innovative material and having great success. He is a caring and responsible individual who truly has the well being of his patients at heart. Rather than accept what has been done historically, he forges ahead taking much care in giving his patients a safer and healthier alternative to using metal.

Over 240 million people in North America, Europe and Japan are missing at least one tooth or more. Yet this old practice has not seen any innovation in over 50 years. Why? “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it?” Wrong again! Dr. Hagi believed otherwise. He took it upon himself to do a little digging around on social media one day and found some interesting information on Facebook about a new material being used in Europe for the last 10 years. Not only did it pique his interest, he wanted to find a way to introduce into his practice. The material is Zirconia. It is a white ceramic and has a bevy of positive attributes that will steer anyone away from the old material, Titanium and for good reason!

What is a dental implant? It’s an artificial tooth root that a dentist places into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth. It is an ideal option for people in general good oral health who have lost a tooth due to gum disease, trauma or some other reason. Implant dentistry typically has involved using a titanium post, which is implanted, into the bone. There are other components such as nickel, aluminum and other metals found in the titanium alloy implant, which are not ideal for your health, in fact can be detrimental and like silver/mercury fillings, these components can wreak havoc on your health.

Dr. Hagi started working with a company in Spain to bring to market an alternative material, which is safer, and more aesthetically pleasing than its older titanium counterpart. Zirconia is much more biocompatible. Unlike metal, zirconia does not cause allergies, and studies at the University of Minnesota confirmed that Zirconia implant healing is comparable or better than titanium. The zirconia implants are white in colour therefore do not look unattractive under the gum or with thin receding gum lines. “Metal will become visible says Dr. Hagi, but the zirconia, even over time will not appear black, as do the metal posts.”

“They do not rust, corrode and do act as thermal and electric insulators unlike metal, which has been proven in numerous scientific articles” says, Dr. Hagi. “Zirconia is holistically friendly and and is extremely well integrated in the mouth.”

If you had no idea there was an alternative material to metal implants, now you know! Virtually for the same cost you can avoid the long term detriments of two piece metal implants in your mouth, without more an invasive surgical intervention and lower gum infection rates. Now you can avoid the two-piece metal post, which often traps bacteria causing bad breath with a clean, safer alternative. If your dental surgeon is not aware of this innovative and new technology, perhaps it’s time to help them find out the truth about the tooth replacement concept with ceramic dental implants.

For additional information and a free consultation, contact Dr. Dan Hagi. Your oral health is more important and inquiring about this new material will give you unprecedented results that will provide you with the smile you have always deserved and are proud to wear. |

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  1. Joe Nitzevich says:

    I have seen several clinical cases from Dr. Dan Hagi and I must say he has really good hands. Several cases can be seen on his latest scientific publication at —>

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