Tunsil’s Twitter Travesty

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For those of us in the GTA it’s understandable how Raptormania has taken over our sport psyche and in truth there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But there is a story out of the NFL Draft last week that shouldn’t be missed or ignored or forgotten. If you haven’t already heard his name, let me please introduce you to Laremy Tunsil, NFL’s first draft day victim of Twitter.

Now before we get into what happened to Mr. Tunsil can I kindly ask all the kids (and those not so young but still act as kids) to gather around. I am going to give you one of @PapaDart’s life lessons. Normally, I charge $50 for this tip but just for today, and just for the good readers of fredi’s Sports I am going to give it to you for free. Here goes… “You don’t really have to photograph or video tape every single thing you do and you certainly shouldn’t be posting it online for everyone to see either. In a best case scenario, people (including future employers) just see how big of a fool you are. In the worst case scenario, you lose millions of dollars in less than an hour. Yes, that’s right… millions.

Laremy Tunsil is a very good football player. He went to Ole Miss and was touted as the best offensive lineman of the 2016 NFL draft. At one point he was even projected to go as high as number one until Tennessee Titans traded their pick away. Therefore it was no surprise that he was with the other top prospects in the green room on NFL Draft Day.

Just before the show started, a video was sent out from Tunsil’s Twitter account that showed him smoking a bong with a gasmask. Within a very short time, the video was removed and the account was closed but it was too late. More copies of the video surfaced and word gets back to ESPN and all 30 NFL teams.

I began to feel odd that Tunsil’s name wasn’t called within the first five picks but I nervously shrugged it off thinking that none of those teams were picking an OL anyway. The Baltimore Ravens had the sixth pick and they finally chose that position but they drafted Ronnie Stanley from Notre Dame. Huh? It was then that I began to realize (which pretty much everyone else already knew) that the Twitter video was scaring teams away.

The Draft then began to unfold like a train wreck in slow motion. You see what’s happening and you know it’s going to be bad, but you don’t really know how bad it’s going to be. This sickening feeling starts growing inside of you as you realize not only are you helpless to stop it, but also ashamed because you can’t stop watching it. Then another offensive tackle is chosen with the eighth pick but it is Jack Conklin. The sickening feeling gets worse.

Finally, the Miami Dolphins with the 13th pick select Laremy Tunsil from the University of Mississippi. The projected value of his contract, including signing bonus, is $12.5M which ain’t too shabby. However, had he been selected 6th by Baltimore, the value would have been $20.5M. That is an $8M dollar loss in about an hour.

Here is a young kid and like everyone else he made a few mistakes. Someone hacks into his account and displays his mistake to the world and it costs him $8M. We all know life can be so cruel at times, but et tu Twitter? But don’t worry Tunsil, you are an NFL player now and I’m sure the league will take great care of you. Gosh darn it, I spoke too soon as Roger Goodell yet again, makes a complete buffoon of himself. He told the media that Draft Day was “so exciting” because of the Tunsil drama.

Excuse me? You are happy because you are profiting on the mistakes and misery of your newest players? Readers if you don’t mind, please take a moment and look again at the green room picture above. See the nice, warm NFL slogan that says “Welcome to the Family” in the back? Yeah, I may not know why a football is called a pigskin, but I sure as hell know a bunch of hogwash when I read it. Thankfully, Eric Winston who is the NFLPA president helped clarify this sad situation and highlighted the hypocrisy of the NFL Commissioner.

President Obama just passed the microphone to Eric Winston and oh boy, look at that… <mic drop>

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